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I Feel Bad - NBC

She's got it all figured out...kinda. Sarayu Blue and Paul Adelstein star in the new comedy from Executive Producer Amy Poehler, coming soon to NBC.

After years helping to run fashion shows for her family’s business in New York, Danielle Launzel graduated college as a Theatre major with a concentration in Costume Design.  From there, she headed to LA where she found a job at a costume house owned by Bob Mackie and Rhet Turner. There she witnessed the glamorous (and sometimes not so glamorous) side of Costume Design. 
After spending a few years as a Costumer and then Costume Supervisor for shows such as Baywatch and the original Beverly Hills 90210, Danielle had the opportunity to Assistant Design Six Feet Under for HBO which earned her team an Emmy nomination. By the following season she was designing her own pilot for NBC.
Danielle designed and developed the iconic “bad” dog suit for Wilfred and Elijah Wood’s somber “man going insane” look for four seasons of the FX series. Comparing that to the often campy styles she created for ABC’s Suburgatory and the network’s Selfie is a testament to the versatility of her work. Recently she lent her talents to Invisible Sister, a Halloween movie for Disney which added even more oomph to her wheelhouse as she designed over 400 outrageous Halloween looks. From ABC, NBC, Showtime, FOX, Imagine Entertainment, Disney and others, Danielle is a sought after Hollywood Costume Designer with her finger on the pulse creating real looks for the real characters people love to see on their screens every day.

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